Thursday, February 19, 2009

New York Post Cartoon Degrades Obama.

Here's a "comic" that was published in the New York Post the other day. I posted this for those who weren't familiar with the controversy due to media bias. We all know our first African-American president Barack Obama has become synonymous with his Stimulus Bill.  I think this is a clear message that even though Obama's election was a huge step for this country, racism is still very prevalent in America and the world as a whole.


Socially Flyy said...

Im thinking they got the reaction they were looking for all along. We just played right into the hype to boost their publicity. Its more offensive to me, because you would think by now, we’ve proven that we have a little bit of intelligence. They couldn’t think of something a little more intellectual to insult us with, other then the obvious monkey blows? ... Then again, shit like this could only come from an ignorant mind.

Anonymous said...

Somebody jacked a name that should have been mines I see.

I am glad to see you post something like this. It is just pathetic that something like this would even be approved to be published. Unfortunately, it is a sad attempt to offend the African American community. The good old "monkey" joke is just an example of how ignorant White people are still stuck in the past and cannot come up with anything better to insult a man with an Ivy league, college education who just so happens to be the President of the United States.

Shame on the NY Post for hiding their blatant racism on "satire". Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Dam crackas

Anonymous said...

I think you could compare this to BET. On presidents day this year, scrolling through the channels, i stopped on an interview on the network and every person they interviewed said word from word. they didn't care about the holiday last year because it was bush in office. this year because a biracial man is in office they give a shit.... now if that isn't throwing racism in americas faces i don't know what is. and don't tell me it is a growth in social acceptance. its a growth of ignorance in this country. and barack is the one runnning the show. you bloggers have no concept of reality. only a sense of uphoria the media has pumped into you. please watch some other network news than msnbc and cnn. only if you would like an unbiased look at our world. ny post should be ashamed of themselves. cuz i personally am tired of hearing about the color of this mans skin. who cares anymore if you want bipartisanship and equality we'll never have it.