Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mellow Yellow

I don't really fuck with too much R&B these days, but if an artist seems like they're trying to think outside the box, I'll give it a try. So, I listened to Solange's new album "Sol-Angel & The Hadley St. Dreams". I can't lie, part of it is because she's been looking kinda good to me lately. She also blows trees and curses in her interviews, which I'm also kinda fond of. So besides her actual vocal talent being a bit sub-par, her album is pretty solid. It has a Motown feel that she seems to pull off effortlessly. I also have to give her credit for putting images of Malcolm X ,Che Guevara, and The Black Panthers in her debut video. Anyway, the album isn't a masterpiece, but definitely solidifies her as someone to watch and moves her a tad bit further out of her sisters shadow. Hopefully she'll like this post and give me a call. If you want to check out the album, CLICK HERE. Get it now, I'm not sure how long the link will last.

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