Monday, November 17, 2008

Beyonce on SNL

Here's Beyonce's skit from Saturday Night Live. Justin Timberlake popped up in this one also.
On another note, when I watched this, it forced me to think about the different standards of Black male masculinity. How many male African-American singers/rappers would agree to do a SNL skit in a woman's leotard and heels. And if they did, what would the backlash be like? Why is it different? Just some food for though.


Anonymous said...

B is cool but a lil overrated, too much hype and not enough substance, not feeling the new album its TRASH!

Anonymous said...

This skit is hillarious. Justin Timberlake is a fool!

Unfortunately, most Black men would have rather played a "gangster" or "thug" before they did this skit.

Black masculinity is taken almost too seriously in the African American community. I say African American because an African man just may have done some shit like this.

But Beyonce' does have talent. People need to quit hatin' on her all the time. In leiu os people like Souljah Boy tell em, people need to recognize and appreciate real talent when they see it.