Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Intellectual I.V.A.N.'s Fact Of The Day

Ever wonder why we always vote in November, and why it's always on Tuesday? Well luckily I.V.A.N. will tell you (yes, I just spoke in third person). The short answer is because we used to be a nation of farmers. The long answer is that Congress chose November because the harvest was over and the weather wouldn't be bad enough to prevent people from traveling.

As for Tuesday, people used to have to travel overnight to their polling location. In 1845, most people traveled by horse. Trying to avoid religious days of rest, Congress chose Tuesday, leaving Monday and Wednesday as travel days.

Now you can share this bit of info with friends as you lie and say you read it in a book somewhere.


Anonymous said...

just like you read it in a book somewhere! ;-)

Anonymous said...
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