Saturday, September 27, 2008

Robin Thicke "Something Else"

1. You're My Baby 4:16
2. Sidestep 4:11
3. Magic 3:53
4. Ms. Harmony 4:47
5. Dreamworld 4:39
6. Loverman 4:42
7. Hard On My Love 3:36
8. The Sweetest Love 3:55
9. Something Else 3:16
10. Shadow Of Doubt 3:27
11. Cry No More 4:18
12. Tie My Hands (feat. Lil Wayne) 5:21

For those of you who check my blog on a regular basis, I've been told that I've become your primary source for new music. I feel like I haven't posted anything new in a here u go. I haven't listened to it yet, but I generally like Robin Thicke's music. He even had my favorite song off Lil' Wayne's album "Tie My Hands" on here too. Let me know what u think.
To get the album, CLICK HERE

Below is Robin Thicke's single from his 1st album "When I Get You Alone". Peep the long hair.LoL

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Anonymous said...

lol, he looks kinda scary!